Smile Gallery

Incredible results and inspiring journeys; see some of our patients' before and after photos next time you visit our practice.

This young patient has significant crowding issues. When there is a mix of baby teeth and permanent teeth, early intervention with space gaining and space holding appliances made all the difference in allowing all the permanent teeth to be aligned without extraction of permanent teeth. Waiting for all the permanent to erupt in this case would have required extractions of permanent teeth. An adult patient wanted all spaces to be closed. Invisalign was the appliance that accomplished this goal. Although this adult patient previously had orthodontic treatment as a child, relapse of the correction occurred over time. Realignment was accomplished with Invisalign. Night time retention is recommended to hold the correction. When the width of the upper arch is to narrow in relationship to the width of the lower arch, a simple appliance called a palate expander can make this correction in a growing child.<br />

This 8 year old patient shows a dental crossbite of the left back teeth and a tongue thrust kept the front teeth from correctly erupting. The palate expander alone normalized this patients bite. This adult patient demonstrates what can occur when there is a discrepancy in jaw growth. The upper jaw did not grow forward enough in relationship to the lower jaw and required both braces and corrective jaw surgery to create a normal bite for this patient. Today there are many options to save permanent teeth when a patient comes to the orthodontist early. Although, there are circumstance when the size of the teeth are to large for the size of the jaws. In this instance, extraction of permanent teeth became necessary in order to achieve this beautiful smile. This patient shows a deep dental bite, where the upper front teeth excessively overlap the lower front teeth. When such a bite remains and is not corrected, the result is excessive wear of the lower front teeth as a result of normal jaw function. A full set of braces corrected the deep bite and allowed for ideal tooth guidance with normal jaw function. This patient presented with a single front tooth in crossbite. She was traumatizing the tooth and required an initial phase of orthodontic treatment to jump this front tooth over the bottom teeth. Removable appliances were used to accomplish the correction. A second phase of treatment will be required to finalize her smile. I was thankful for a cooperative patient who is now happily smiling again!

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